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Casio G-Shock GWG 1000-1A3 Mudmaster

Posted by Takeshi Amano on

The G-Shock GWG 1000-1A3 is the type of watch that if you are an engineer especially a construction engineer you will want on your wrist. This is because it can handle almost everything that is thrown at it. It can handle mud, dirt, water, you name it. One of the key features of this watch is the special vibration resistant structure. This feature allows you to wear it when operating cutters, heavy machinery, drills and crushers. A normal type of watch wouldn’t even survive a day let alone ten plus years like this G watch can in this type of environment.

The G-Shock GWG 1000-1A3 is unique when compared with other Casio watches because of the fact that it is Casio’s first analog watch to be built with mud resistant construction. Multiple gaskets found on its pipes keep mud out at all times and conditions. These pipes are the ones that guide its shafts and buttons. The stainless steel bezel is another important feature of this watch; it plays the role of protecting the internal parts of the watch from damage from any type of outside matter like mud and dust.

In the G-Shock GWG 1000-1A3 you will also find an inbuilt compass for direction, in built thermometer for reading the temperature, and barometric pressure reader. These features are the kind that will give you an advantage over other people if you operating in tough conditions like in an episode of survivor. The G-Shock GWG 1000-1A3 is solar re chargeable which makes it an excellent candidate for wearing outdoors in extreme conditions. It can go for over ten years without needing any change of battery. To make it possible for someone to see what time it is in the dark, its face has the double led light illumination feature. This means at any time of the night you can comfortably see what time it is without any hustle. The G-Shock GWG 1000-1A3 is one of the best G shock watches available on the market.