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Citizen Watch Company

Posted by Takeshi Amano on

Like many Japanese companies out there Citizen watch company is a company that has risen from humble beginnings to become a major player in the Japanese watch market and even worldwide. Founded in 1924, the company got its name “citizen” when the mayor of Tokyo at that time named the first pocket watch of the young company “citizen” with the hope that it would in time become affordable to the ordinary citizen of Japan. At that time pocket watches were a luxury product for many Japanese. Now that in the present time citizen watches are affordable to every Japanese, the mayor of Tokyo at that time would have loved to see his dream come true.

Though citizen does not make many watches like some of its Japanese competitors like Seiko, it has nevertheless made a mark in time through some ground breaking achievements. It was the first Japanese company to make a Japanese watch that was shock resistant. A few years later after making this ground making achievement, it also became the first Japanese watch company to make a Japanese watch that was water resistant. Presently Citizen Watch Company which runs under the umbrella organization “Citizen Holdings Company Ltd” has come up with a watch that has been deemed as the watch of the future for its eco friendliness and self charging battery ability. It is the Eco drive system type of watch.

The Eco drive system watch is light powered thereby eliminating altogether the need to change batteries in it. It is so environmentally friendly that it became the first watch ever in Japan to receive the Japan Environment Association's Eco Mark. This is an award that is only given to the best of products that are made in Japan and environmentally friendly. And because Citizen Watch Company is part of a group that makes different types of products like eye glass frames and healthcare electronic products, there is the likelihood that in future many of its watches will have a different look and appeal with them to make them stand out from the rest of its competitors.