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Seiko spring drive

Posted by Takeshi Amano on

If there is one Japanese watch that since its inception or coming into being has generated lots of excitement that never wavers then it is the Seiko’s spring drive watch. This watch is very sophisticated technologically and engineering wise that no other watch like it has ever been made by other manufacturers other than Seiko. It is powered by a main spring and contains a regulator that does not have an escapement. It does not need any battery at all and only needs an adjustment of one second a day. The watch is more reliable mainly because there is less friction in its moving components than in other types of watches. All the moving components in the spring drive move in one direction thereby eliminating altogether the back and forth motion that comes with a balanced wheel in other conventional type of watches.

The person that engineered this watch was at that time a young watch engineer by the name Yoshikazu Akahane. He dreamed of making a watch that would borrow ideas from the mechanical watch and still have the time keeping precision of electronic watches. After over 230 patents and 600 prototypes, he finally hit the jackpot to become a celebrated icon in the watch making industry. What makes the spring drive special is the fact that they are all hand built. This adds customization to very watch and means that every watch has been made in the highest standards possible. The power reserve of the spring drive is 72 hours. This is approximately between 22 to 30 hours more than the average mechanical watch.

And because there is less friction and wear and tear between the moving components in the spring drive, this has made the spring drive watch one of the most durable watches currently available in the market. The precise glide motion of the spring drive hands has made it to be compared with the solar system which just like the watch moves in perfect motion.