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The G-shock watch

Posted by Takeshi Amano on

If you consider yourself a tough guy or an iron lady then the type of watch that you should be wearing on your wrist daily should be the G-shock watch. This is a type of watch that was first made by Casio engineers a few decades ago in 1983. It was made to withstand all kinds of tough environments and conditions like extreme heat, cold, hard falls, gravitational changes, water logged environments, dirt, mud, etc.

Since the time the first model was made way back in 1983, many more different models have been made. Each one is made to fit different circumstances. Some are for surfers, others for soldiers, and others for astronauts in outer space. A lot of times when you see a video of someone in the international space station wearing a watch, it is likely to be a G watch. Soldiers are also familiar suspects of wearing G shocks because of the fact that they operate in difficult terrains and conditions. Unlike many other watches out there, many G shock watches can operate for 10+ years without needing any type of servicing of their batteries. This is because of their ability to self charge using either sunlight or fluorescent light. This means that you can operate in the most isolated of places for a long time as for instance a soldier and still manage to keep track of time.

Most G shock watches are made with special materials to make them extra powerful and resistant to not only extreme environments but rust. In many of them, titanium metal which is rust resistant is used in making their inner parts. The price of a G watch varies from one type to the other. What determines their price is mostly the technology they have. Without a doubt the G watch is one of the prime examples of Japanese ingenuity.