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The orient watch company

Posted by Takeshi Amano on

If there is one watch company that many people all across the world would not consider to be a stereotypical Japanese watch company then it would be the orient watch company. This is because for many people in the western world, the word orient is English and not like other Japanese sounding names like Toyota. Though now as we presently speak Orient watch company is a subsidiary of Seiko group, it is still to some extent independent in its own way in that orient watches are still been made and sold with the brand name orient. Since the word orient in the western world is used to describe the countries located in the Far East like Japan, there is a likelihood that the company chose the name orient in 1951 to show its overseas customers where it was coming from.

Though not known globally like its Japanese competitors, orient has made some big strides in the watch making industry. It was for instance able to make the world's thinnest automatic wristwatch with day and date calendar function for its time in 1967. This just goes to show that indeed ever since its inception in 1901, the company has been very competitive. Presently the orient watch company has specialized in making luxury watches which in most cases are targeted to overseas buyers. Some of the famous and well known orient watch brands since 1901 to present day are like the “Dynamic” which was launched in 1956, the “Grand prix 100” which was launched in 1964, the “Fineness” which was launched in 1967, and the “Tenbeat” which was launched in 1970.

Radio controlled watches, solar or light powered watches, mechanical watches (hand winding and self winding), and quartz watches are some of the type of watches that orient specializes in. Now that it is under the umbrella of Seiko group, many changes are bound to happen for orient and only time will show what the small subsidiary company of Seiko has in store for us.