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Model with enhanced waterproof , corrosion resistance intended for use at sea . All metal parts and button shaft exposed to the outside air by using the titanium material , has become the specifications to reduce the damage caused by corrosion .
There are two models , GW-9100 is in the Solar radio corresponding model , radio clock corresponds to MULTI BAND 5 ( described above) . G-9100 is but Solar radio non-compliant , ( form display of old - month ) Moon data , such as Tide graph , has become a model equipped with the functions required for use at sea . The first model ( part number DW-9300) is , G-SHOCK 's first TOUGH SOLAR ( solar power ) is the corresponding model . In addition , FISHERMAN ( Fisherman : part number is the primary waterproof , anti-corrosion model of the DW-8600) is equivalent to the ancestors .