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Dust resistance , especially enhanced model Bodoro property . Than GW-9000-1JF released 07 May 2007 corresponds to the MULTI BAND 5 ( described above) . GW-9000, G-9010 is a TOUGH SOLAR specification , than GW-9010-1JF of the current model , which corresponds to MULTI BAND 6 ( described above) . In the era of the appearance was the first model in 1995 (DW-8400), analog specification was also present ( analog Mad Man , 1997 appeared part number in the AW-570, with minor changes after GAUSSMAN ( Gausuman : . Part Number AW-571, name changed to analog ) of anti-magnetic specification) . In addition , DW-5500 ( the world's first dust- Bodoro specification model ) is the original G-5500 and GW-5500 is equivalent to the ancestors .