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Secure Payment

- The following payment ways are available,
         The reliable Purchase Protection Program for buyers is provided around the world. 
         Please make use of payment with a sense of security.
    Credit Card (Visa, Master, AMEX, etc) 
         You do not need your account of Paypal.
         Click "CHECKOUT with PayPal" when checking out to find "Pay with a credit card" option.
             Checkout with PayPalal

Cancellation Policy

- No penalty for a cancellation up to 2 hours after placing the order. 
- We can not accept a cancellation by any your reason from 2 hours after placing the order. 
- [Cancellation Penalty] If you must cancel it, we regret to say that it is needed to accept to deduct the following percentage from what you paid, 
and we can refund the rest.
       10% (from 2 hours after placing the order)
       20% (from 24 hours after placing the order)

Replacement Policy

- No penalty for a replacement up to 2 hours after placing the order. 
- We can not accept a replacement by any your reason from 2 hours after placing the order. 
- Before shipment, we regret to say that it is needed to accept to pay 10% of the current order in addition to the gap between the current order and the replacement.
- After your acceptance of the payment, we'll issue an invoice for the replacement to you through Paypal. Please kindly pay for it.


When you need to send your order to the other address (e.g. your friends and relatives) instead of your original one, 
please choose “Expedited Shipping” in Shipping Method when you place the order. 
Only the “Expedited Shipping” is available to send other address to prevent your important addressee from a troublesome procedure for appropriate action and insurance in the international Postal service when a problem happens such as un-delivery, serious delay and so on.


Thank you very much. Please enjoy shopping!